Ground transportation is an essential part of any trip, that's why we own all the cars and buses offered on this site and rigorously modernize our fleet. Therefore, we know exactly what we are selling and we guarantee what you have paid.

This website, (CHEAPSHUTTLESPUNTACANA.COM), is a Dominican Republic transport company, together with VIP airport start-up departments, which creates a modern, safe and very easy-to-use booking engine, logistics management and customer service Multilingual, therefore, you can book safely and directly through us, striving to impress each client.

We drive you in a bright and shiny car to make the most of your paradisiacal vacations and with many years of experience in this business, making sure that our transfer prices in the Dominican Republic are unbeatable.

Our most important priority is to ensure that our customers always receive safe and reliable service from all airports in the dominican Republic. Our great and dedícated team is always ready to provide perzonalized and profesional service to our customers, beacouse with us is where vacations start.